Innovation by tradition

Tradition is enormously important for us. After all, it’s the unique history of Isabellenhütte that has made our company what it is today: one of the world’s leading producers of precision alloys, as well as low-ohmic precision and power resistors. We also set international benchmarks in precision measurement technology. Traditional values combined with advanced manufacturing and a commitment to innovation are the key to each of our products, and fundamental to our success. ...more

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Research and development

As a global technology leader, we focus our efforts on an area that has defined us for many decades: continuous innovation. We are driven by the desire to explore new paths, discover new possibilities and thus stay ahead of the competition. In turn, this allows us to provide our customers with new and innovative solutions. It’s also the reason why research and development has always been crucial to our business. ...more


Behind every innovation is a powerful team. That certainly applies to us. It is the commitment of our people, their creativity and expertise, that enable us to find each new solution and each new innovation. To make this possible, we provide the optimum conditions in a dynamic and forward-looking environment. Use our careers portal to find out more about Isabellenhütte as an employer and your own personal career opportunities.

Precision Measurement

Drawing on our wide-ranging expertise, we set global standards in current, voltage and temperature measurement.

Precision and power resistors

With their exceptional performance, our resistors fulfil the most exacting requirements and are suited to a wide range of applications.

Precision Alloys

Our alloys are among the finest in the world, as reflected in the wide range of potential applications.