ISOTEK becomes
Isabellenhütte USA

On November 1st 2017 ISOTEK Corporation USA became Isabellenhütte USA.

The ISOTEK Corporation, located in Swansea, Massachusetts, has been a long-term trading partner and distributor of Isabellenhütte for the region of North America.
After the former owner passed away, Isabellenhütte has been offered to purchase ISOTEK Corporation.

This chance corresponded with the strategic plans of Isabellenhütte in 2010 for an internationalisation.

The advantages at that time were:

  • long-term cooperation in the fields of precision alloys and precision and power resistors
  • products and technologies of Isabellenhütte have been known by ISOTEK employees
  • Existing customers of Isabellenhütte already knew ISOTEK
  • the access to volume markets has been simplified

Due to the wish of the former owner the name for the company stayed ISOTEK for another 5 years after the purchase contract had been signed.

Six years later, after careful rebranding, including the adoption of our company’s logo, introduction of new strategies and setting up new communication channels, Isotek is now Isabellenhuette USA.

Therefore the new website launched on November 1st under the following URL: