Isabellenhütte wins  the "Deutschen bAV Preis 2018"


Isabellenhütte Heusler GmbH & Co. KG offers its employees an excellent company retirement pension (bAV). In addition to well-known companies like Koenig & Bauer AG and Deutsche Lufthansa AG, they are now also receiving the German bAV Award 2018.

“The award winners have implemented well-balanced contemporary pension plans, optimized their company retirement pension work processes and also communicated these very well.  Once again this shows that companies have done their homework in terms of retirement pensions,” says Heribert Karch, jury member and chairman of the working group for company retirement pension associations. “We also find the successful efforts to increase employee participation particularly welcome. It is only in this way that the company retirement pension can meet its role as the third pillar of the old-age pension system.”

Isabellenhütte wins in the category of “small and medium-sized companies” with ISACARE

The first prize in the category of “small and medium-sized companies” went to Isabellenhütte Heusler GmbH & Co. KG. The Dillenburg family-owned company relies on a flexible and attractive company retirement pension to attract and retain employees. The existing care model was replaced with the ISACARE model, which is much more strongly subsidized by the company. Employees’ own contributions will also be increased so that two-thirds of the workforce will also save for retirement from their own wages or from the annual profit sharing. “Every year, employees can choose whether the profit-sharing is to be incorporated into the company retirement pension or is to be paid out. If the employee decides to make a deposit into the company retirement pension, we will add another 30% to the amount,” says Dr. Felix Heusler, managing director of Isabellenhütte. The introduction of the new insurance-based model was accompanied by a target group-oriented communication with informational material, events, small group workshops and individual consultation.

ISACARE is based on the extensive research done as part of Achim Schneider’s Bachelor’s thesis (field of SME management).

This example demonstrates the success of promoting young talent and potential for Isabellenhütte.

By participating in the German bAV Award 2018, Isabellenhütte has measured itself against well-known German companies. The trend-setting role in the field of company retirement pensions in the Middle Hesse region confirms their success.