Fujitsu Korea has become Isabellenhuette’s distribution partner

We are delighted to announce that from July 22nd 2020, Fujitsu Korea becomes Isabellenhuette’s distribution partner to cover precision components in South Korea.

Fujitsu Electronics Korea Ltd. Was founded on August 2, 1999.  As a global company, Fujitsu have offices in countries all around the world. Fujitsu’s business covers throughout the world, backed by a global network of R&D, manufacturing, data center, system integration, consulting, sales and support operations. Fujitsu draw upon their collective expertise and resources to provide world-class technology and platform products, while also taking advantage of a strong multinational presence to deliver locally optimized services and solutions.

We believe that with the close cooperation with Fujitsu Korea will further generate a synergistic effect on both companies, by the facts that Fujitsu Korea will be able to enhance their product portfolio with our products, as well as to have better access to unreached customers and undeveloped markets through Fujitsu Korea’s sales network, which will result in strengthening the market position of both companies.