Donate for Ukraine refugees in the Lahn-Dill-region

In the past few weeks, Isabellenhütte has already devoted itself to supporting refugee Ukrainian families. To extend our support, we would be grateful if you would support our fundraising-campaign.

What is the donation amount used for?

This action serves to set up a "Isabellenhütte-Ukrainehilfe" fund, with which the following is to be financed:

  • We use the money to specifically support private support campaigns in the region for refugees from Ukraine.
  • The money is used, for example, to bridge the gap and provide teh refugees with the bare essentials until registration is complete and state support takes effect. This is usually essential in the first few weeks after arriving in Germany.
  • The money should remain in the region - e.g. for refugees who have found accommodation with employees or for initiatives that exist within the Isabellenhütte network.

Every euro is worth it, because:
The company generously tops up the collected donations
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Thanks for your support!
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