For the protection of our employees
corona vaccinations at Isabellenhütte

Since Tuesday we have been offering corona vaccinations for all interested employees on the company premises in cooperation with AGM GmbH, Center for Occupational Medicine, Prevention and Health Management in Mannheim. On the first day, general practitioner Dr. Georg Müller vaccinated 82 employees against the corona virus with the BionTech-vaccine.

In order to faciliate quick implementation, the project team around Elmar Ensmann, Hendrik Kunz, Mario Hofmann, Daniel Schuppner, Lena Schmidt, Udo Koch and Nathalie Henning prioritized this matter.
So many employees had already registered that further vaccination appointments are planned for the upcoming weeks, depending on the availability of the vaccination doses. The second vaccination should also be carried out on the company premises.

Vaccination line with five stations ensures fast throughput

To ensure that everything runs smoothly on site, we set up a vaccination line in the old logistics building. Here, those willing to vaccinate went through five different stations.
From registration, the waiting area showing an information film and the vaccination consultation to the vaccination itself and the area for observation afterwards, each station was looked after by employees specially commissioned for the mission.
With the help of this system, 82 employees were able to receive their first vaccination on the first day of the vaccination programme.

An expansion of the offer to relatives of the employees in the coming weeks is currently being planned.

When asked how the first day of vaccination went, Dr. Müller from the Center for Occupational Medicine, Prevention and Health Management in Mannheim said: “There is only one answer: Excellent! Is the best vaccination line I've seen so far. […] There were no complications and everything was well organized ”.

We are pleased that with this measure we can make a decisive contribution to the protection of our employees.

Stay healthy!