ISAOHM® is especially characterized by its high resistivity, the low temperature coefficient, the low thermal EMF versus Copper, the high tensile strength and the high resistance to oxidation and chemical corrosion.

The alloy is non-magnetic. ISAOHM® is suitable for high-value resistors and potentiometers for example for the automotive and consumer electronics industries as well as for testing and automatic control equipment. ISAOHM® is also used for heating cords and cables. When used as materiel for high precision resistors the maximum working temperature in air is 250 °C.

The maximum working temperature in air is 250 °C; at higher temperatures the resistivity and temperature coefficient may be affected irreversibly. For others applications, for heating cords for instance, it can be used at higher temperatures, especially in non-oxidating atmosphere.

Form of Delivery

ISAOHM® is supplied in the form of round wire in the dimension 0.6 to 0.01 mm Ø in bare, oxidized (noninsulating oxide film) or enamelled condition. To a limited extent flat wires and stranded wires are also manufactured.

Notes on Treatment

ISAOHM® can easily be welded and brazed. Under certain conditions soldering is possible.


For further information see Data Sheets.