The newly developed alloy NOVENTIN® is in the best tradition of Isabellenhütte’s precision resistance alloys ZERANIN® 30, MANGANIN® and ISAOHM®. With its high specific electrical resistance, NOVENTIN® closes the gap between MANGANIN® and ISAOHM®.

Like MANGANIN®, an alloy which has been used in many different fields for a long time, NOVENTIN® stands out particularly due to a small temperature coefficient of the electrical resistance between +20 and +50 °C with a parabolic behaviour of the R(T) curve, a high long-term stability of the electrical resistance, an extremely low thermoelectric power against copper and a good workability.

Due to these features, NOVENTIN® is excellently suitable for the production of precision, standard and shunt resistors. The maximum application temperature under atmosphere is +170 °C.

Form of Delivery

NOVENTIN® is supplied in the form of round wires in the range 0.03 to 1.00 mm Ø usually in bare condition. On special request insulated wires and stranded wires can also be manufactured.

You will find further information in our data sheets.