Calibration Resistors

Compact resistor, easy to assemble and able to be calibrated. Suitable for metering of high pulse currents as well as for secure data acquisition of extremely low DC-currents in mA-range.

TypePictureDescriptionDesignPowerToleranceTCRResistance (min)Resistance (max)Download

DAkkS-calibratable high-load precision resistor. Suitable as calibration and measuring resistor. ** Installed on heat sink

7056 (metrisch) 250** W 0.1 % 1 ppm/K 0.0005 Ω 100 Ω Download


  • Pulse current up to 2,000 A
  • Tolerance up to +/- 0.05 %
  • Long-term stability < 0.05 %
  • Calibration and reference resistor
  • RoHS compliant


  • DAkkS-calibration possible
  • For highest currents and precision

All information represents the best possible values.