Learn from Hessen's oldest industrial company how engineers successfully develop new business areas: In this live talk, Nina Defounga, Managing Director of TOM SPIKE, speaks to Dr. Jan Marien, Executive Vice President R&D at Isabellenhütte Heusler GmbH & Co. KG about his experiences and learnings in the development of new products from the perspective of an innovation manager.

The viability of many companies often depends on whether they manage - even when everything is going well - to change and at the same time to develop new lucrative business areas in order to remain sustainable. It would be helpful for innovation managers if they could use a kind of“playbook” to identify new fields of innovation and fill them in good time. In this live talk, Dr. Jan Marien reveals practical tips for correct procedures. He describes how successful change processes in industrial companies look like & which setup he recommends for an efficient and successful innovation process. With the insights from this live talk, you have at the end

  • recognized the positive effects it can have for companies if they initiate change management processes through innovations
  • learned how to turn typical ways of thinking upside down and
  • understood why engineers should also speak to customers on a regular basis.


In addition to personal experiences and exciting industry insights on the way to innovation success, this live talk also focuses on his suggestions for a changed leadership and innovation culture in traditional industrial companies.

You are also welcome to ask the experts your questions about innovation, new business areas & change processes - whether in the automotive sector or beyond!

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