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因此,我们将合规管理视为整个企业行为的质量管理。这一基本原则在我们悠久的公司历史中一直存在。“创新源于传统”对我们而言意味着:我们过去、现在和未来都将是可靠的、有实力的合作伙伴。可靠是我们的特质,我们信守承诺 - 从 500 多年前开始。

从下面的链接您可以找到我们目前的行为守则 (CoC)。我们决心在这方面不特立独行,遵循行业标准。因此,Isabellenhütte 签字承诺,采用电气行业总会的行为守则并尽心尽力地践行这些行为守则。这些行为准则由电气行业总会定期更新并且可随时在其网站上查看:

ZVEI | Germany’s Electrical Industry - zvei.org

Report hints anonymously

In order to remove the hurdles of personal reporting, we have also had a whistleblower system activated, which offers the option of anonymous reporting.
Here, reports within the meaning of the EU Whistleblower Directive (2019/1937) can be submitted anonymously by telephone or form, or with desired feedback to your own contact details.

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