ISABELLENHÜTTE & FUTAVIS - A strong partnership

ISO26262-Certified Battery Management Unit with high performance components 

When two experts join forces, the result is pioneering technology: In a powerful partnership with Futavis, a manufacturer of battery management systems and scalable batteries, we are co-designing an integrated battery management system (BMS) that meets automotive performance and safety standards. In a compact space, this BMS measures, stores, and controls all the vital parameters in a high-voltage system as well as taking charge of cell balancing, temperature monitoring, insulation monitoring, as well as current and voltage measurements.

System overview

The key element of this battery management system is our IVT 3 current sensor. Futavis integrates the IVT 3 in its modular switch box (S-Box) and extends it particularly with the BMS Master, the CSCs (slave BMS) for measuring temperatures and voltage in the cell modules, and the modular BMU software platform. 

The result is a secure, robust and, most importantly, certified integrated solution for high-voltage batteries in demanding electrical drive systems, which meets the most stringent technical requirements and offers customers simple system integration.

The system complies with international standards such as LV 123/124, DIN EN 60664-1 and ISO 26262.Thanks to the sophisticated design and the experience offered by both companies, the current measurement achieves an ASIL-C performance rating.

As an initial installation, we start with the integration of the IVT 3 Base.
In a future model, the IVT 3 Pro is incorporated with integrated insulation monitoring, which combines ASIL-C rated current measurement and insulation monitoring in a single component while meeting the strict standards of ISO 26262.


BMS - Battery Management System                       
CSM - Current Sense Module                                                               
HVM - High Voltage Monitoring                                
CSE - Cell Supervising Electronics
CSID - Current Triggered Short Circuit Interruption Device

CB - Cell Balancing
PRC - Precharging 
DIL - Decentral Interlock (connection check)
TED - Thermal Event Detection
TMP - Busbar Temperature
IMD - Isolation Measurement Devi

Battery Management Unit - Selected Performance Data


Feature Value
DIL – Decentral interlock (connection check) ASIL A – Monitoring on every HV-connection
CSM – Current Sense module ASIL C – 0.4% accuracy
CSC – Cell supervising circuit ASIL C – voltage monitoring up to 62x18 cells
HVM – High voltage monitoring ASIL B – 0.4 % accuracy with up to 6 HV channels
TCM – Thermal cell monitoring ASIL C – temperature monitoring of 62x8 NTC’s
TMP – Busbar temperature QM – accuracy of +/- 5 °C
CB – Cell balancing QM – passive balancing up to 300 mA
PRC – PRE charge Brake Resistor customizable
IMD – Isolation measurement device ASIL B - Active Isolation Measurement of PACK and LINK side

You need more information?

Would you like to know more about the battery management system, or do you need more detailed information about the IVT 3 series?
Our experts will be delighted to help. 

IVT 3 Series
Isabellenhütte GmbH & Co. KG
Felix Lebeau
Field Application Engineer
Phone: +49 2771 934-237

Battery Management Systems
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Felix Lebeau
Field Application Engineer
 +49 2771 934-237

Christine Link
Head of Sales & Marketing
Phone: +49 159 01467041