Die Isabellenhütte im Jahre 1865

Our coat of arms


Innovation from tradition: Isabellenhütte looks back on more than 500 years of long and active history. Tradition is therefore very important to us.

Tradition with us already begins with the development of our coat of arms. The initials of Isabella Charlotte Princess of Nassau (I. C. F. z. N.), whose husband gave her the copper smelter in the 18th century, adorned gate in 1734. Inspired by the story of the copper smelter, these initials today adorn the logo of Isabellenhütte.

The History of Isabellenhütte


The precursor of the company, the copper smelter on Nanzenbach, was already first mentioned in documents in 1482. The company has borne the name Isabellenhütte since 1728 and has been owned by the Heusler family since 1827.

This exceptional history makes Isabellenhütte the oldest family-run industrial company in Hesse, and at the same time one of the most modern. What began over 500 years ago with the smelting of copper has developed into a high-tech provider of international importance over the years.

Today Isabellenhütte is one of the world's leading manufacturers of thermal and resistance alloys as well as low-resistance precision and power resistors. Isabellenhütte also sets high standards in the field of precision measurement.