Applications and Markets

Our precision and power resistors are always used whenever quality is required that is to meet standardized and extraordinary requirements. ISA-PLAN® as well as ISA-WELD® technology both do particularly well due to shunts with low temperature coefficients (TK), low thermal stress, high long-term stability and high capacitance.

The application possibilities are correspondingly varied. Our products are used in a variety of systems, especially in the automotive sector.

These include, for example, the engine control, injection systems, driver assistance and energy management systems, but also applications such as the ignition, lighting, water pump, transmission and locking systems.

Precision and power resistors from Isabellenhütte also form the decisive "inner values" in industrial and power electronics, drive technology, energy measurement, telecommunications and medical technology. 

Whenever low-resistance resistors are needed for current measurement, the solutions / modules of Isabellenhütte are the first choice. In drive technology, our products are used among other things in frequency converters, high current applications, PFC circuits, power modules and as pre-charging resistors of power supply units.

In the automotive sector in particular, our precision and power resistors are used and are thus the basis for applications where precise current measurement is necessary.

Application Areas and Industries at a Glance


ABS, ASR, GDI, BAS, fuel injection respectively diesel fuel injection, Brake-By-Wire, electro hydraulic and electronic power steering, catalytic control, combustion, light, water pump, transmission, locking systems, PTC-auxiliary heating systems (AEC-Q200 qualified)


PCB assembly for TIERs and OEMs

Power Modules

Power Supply, DC/DC-converter, AC/DC-converter, frequency converter


SPS, sensor systems

Measurement- and Control Technique

Sensor systems, measuring systems

Drive Technology

Frequency converters, intermediate circuit controller, power-modules, precharging resistors, power supplies

Digital Energymeter

One- and three phase meters


Battery charges


Controllers, power supply


USV-Systems, lightning protection modules

Medical Engineering

Control of REHA equipment, power supplies

Domestic Applications

Control for industrial washing machines, industrial kitchens and household appliances