The high-temperature solder ISA-BRAZE® offers an interesting alternative in the field of joining and connection technology. It is significantly "lower spatter" compared to standard wires with arc applications and is ideal for flux-free applications using insert gas. It can also be used as a functional material for coatings since it is suitable for gap soldering, braze soldering and surfacing by soldering.

All types of steel, nickel alloys, chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, including their alloys as well as hard metals, can be joined and coated with ISA-BRAZE®. In this context, the relatively high tensile and shear strengths are noteworthy, including the heat resistance >300°C. It is available in the versions ISA-BRAZE®970, ISA-BRAZE®970Si and ISA-BRAZE®980. The figures stand for the solidus temperature in °C, which identifies the temperature, below which the alloy is completely in the solid phase.

Proven alloy as a basis

ISA-BRAZE®970 is based on the resistance alloy CuMn12Ni (MANGANIN®), which has proven itself for more than 20 years and can optionally be alloyed with silicon, which in turn improves the flowability and thus the form and gap-filling capacity.

ISA-BRAZE®980 is a copper manganese cobalt alloy.

High Degree of Purity via Vacuum Process

The ISA-BRAZE® alloys are melted in a vacuum furnace and thus have a very high degree of purity. In this way, for example, gas and non-metallic influences are minimal.

The high degree of purity manifests itself in advantageous chemical and electro-physical properties, which can also be functionally used depending on the customer's requirements, e.g. with respect to thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, specific electrical resistance, thermal stress and temperature coefficient.

There is also a high oxidation and corrosion resistance and very homogeneous and clean solder points or coatings are created.

Delivery form

ISA-BRAZE® is delivered in the form of wires and rods in the dimension range of 0.5 to 3.0 mm Ø. It is also deliverable in the form of rings, punched and bent parts, flat wires and strips.

Other dimensions are available by request.


The individual properties can be looked up in the various data sheets.