Heat sink assembly

Precision resistors for high currents and power and the possibility for mounting on a heat sink. Suitable as a calibration and reference resistor.

TypePictureDescriptionDesignPowerToleranceTCRResistance (min)Resistance (max)Download

discontinued component

7056 (metrisch) 250** W 0.1 % 1 ppm/K 0.0005 Ω 100 Ω Download


  • Permanent power up to 250 W
  • Constant currents up to 387 A
  • Pulse power rating up to 50 J
  • Lowest resistor values start at 0.5 mΩ
  • Very low TC start at 1ppm/K
  • RoHS compliant


  • DAkkS-calibration possible (RUG-Z)
  • Ideal for calibration- and metering applications
  • For highest currents and precision
  • Excellent heat dissipation


All information represents the best possible values.