Our precision and power resistors essentially differ in their manufacturing technologies: ISA-PLAN® (film resistors in etching technology) and ISA-WELD® (electron beam-welded composite material made of Cu resistance material -Cu).

These two technologies make it possible for us to meet the highest requirements posed on precision resistors: high long-term stability, high  continuous and pulse resistance, minimized lost power for high current measurements, low inductance values, low  thermal stress against copper and resistance values that are almost independent of the ambient temperature.

In addition, we offer shunts with low temperature coefficients (TK). The two technologies complement each other, thus allowing for the extensive production of precision resistors in the value range of 2 µohm to 100 ohm.

Our precision and power resistors guarantee

  • High continuous resilience with a small design
  • Standard delivery of the strictest tolerances
  • High continuous and pulse resistance
  • Low-resistance resistors from 2 µohm
  • Very good long-term stability
  • Extremely low TK values
  • Thermal stress against copper is largely eliminated