Energy Monitoring Measurement Systems

Precision Measurement in Energy Monitoring

The need for an energy flow monitoring system is recognized on the market, both in power distribution networks with anti-consumption cyclical, decentralized energy feed-ins and electric energy storage in energy-intensive production as part of energy efficiency programs as well as in DC charging stations for e-mobility.

In addition to the shunt-based current and voltage measurement and the determination of the actual power consumed over time, the isolation coordination for the different voltage levels in particular is of crucial importance. With the utilization for calibratable energy measurement values, Isabellenhütte 's precision measurement technology department develops solutions that set new standards in the field of measurement equipment for the energy-monitoring market.

DC Charging Stations' Calibrated Energy Measurement Sensors for Recording Consumption

The political will to establish electromobility in Germany requires the expansion of the charging infrastructure for electrically powered vehicles. In addition to on-board charging, the implementation of DC charging stations on highways and expressways is inevitable.

However, the requirements for such sensors are quite significant due to the requirement for calibration capability and cryptography. Isabellenhütte is in talks with some interesting cooperation partners from the automotive and energy technology industries in order to develop a calibratable current and voltage measurement sensor.

Energy Measured Value Recording at the Low Voltage Level for Energy Efficiency Programs

As part of various politically required energy efficiency programs, it is imperative for energy-intensive companies to precisely record and document the consumption of their electric machines and large consumers as well.

There are various ways to integrate a current and voltage measurement system into cable outlets and to wirelessly transmit the measured values to a superordinate control center.

Energy Monitoring in Transformer Outputs at the MS Level

It is possible to record current and voltage at the medium voltage level 3-30 kV at the transformer output with a shunt-base current and voltage measurement device from Isabellenhütte precision measurement technology.

The challenge of isolation coordination is currently being confirmed in type tests and the first field tests in the power distribution network are being planned.

"With the development of measurement systems for energy monitoring in low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage applications, Isabellenhütte is investing in a future market and is thus consistently pursuing the goal of continuously developing the Isabellenhütte product portfolio in the field of measurement technology.

The entire value-added chain produced in Germany will be covered, from resistance alloys to passive components to active measurement sensors."

Dr. Jan Marien, Vice President R&D