The environmental, occupational health and safety as well as energy policy of Isabellenhütte

,,Whether business partners or employees – everyone is included in the optimization of environmental performance. After all, even small measures can have an important contribution on environmental protection."

Environmental Management at Isabellenhütte

WE Love Nature

Integral parts of our corporate policy include the improvement of competitive performance, the occupational health and safety of our employees at work and the careful handling of the environment and use of energy.

That is why Isabellenhütte is committed to the careful use of natural resources and to the constant improvement of our employee services in terms of occupational health and safety and environmental protection as well as with respect to energy-related services.

Furthermore, the legal provisions to be applied are regularly reviewed and evaluated. Isabellenhütte is also committed to an open dialog with authorities and the public.

Because the careful handling of the environment and careful energy use is important to us, we have introduced an environment and energy management system according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 50001 that is intended to support us in our projects:

  • to always use machines, devices and work equipment in accordance with their intended use and to evaluate them with respect to their effects on the environment, occupational health and safety and energy efficiency prior to their use,
  • to select suppliers, contractors and service providers, etc. so that they are in line with our company policy.
  • to optimize the use of resources, the generation of emissions and the volume of waste created in harmony with business means,
  • to make our products and production processes as environmentally compatible as possible, as energetically sensible as possible and to give them the highest level of technical occupational safety,
  • to promote environmental awareness among all employees and to actively involve them,
  • to take organizational precautions in order to take quick and correct countermeasures in cases of emergency and to review them with respect to their causes in order to prevent future emergency situations,
  • to inform and instruct our employees so that they are informed of all possible dangers and burdens,

Our company has been successfully certified according to the aforementioned internationally standardized norms by an accredited monitoring company since 2013. You can view or download the valid certificates here. 

For us, acting in an environmentally sustainable manner means: looking to the future, questioning the consequences of our actions and using resources conservatively.“ 

Dr. Hermann-Josef Schmidt, Head of Quality Management


REACH / RoHS statement

Declaration on the regulation (EC) no. 1005/2009 & EU regulation 2019/1021 (POP)

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