Automotive Application Areas

The accurate detection of flowing current by means of precision and power resistors is indispensable today and is now integral due to the number of automotive applications worldwide. The application range of precise current sensors has increased significantly due to the demand-controlled decentralized control and monitoring of individual vehicle components.

In addition to the functional reliability over the entire service life, the requirement of accuracy and stability has been given a high priority due to the increased demands for reliability.

The components from the ISA-PLAN® or ISA-WELD® family provide an extensive answer to these requirements. Process and material knowledge gained over decades is incorporated here and offers a solution for almost all measuring tasks in the automotive sector.

The optimal design of the components and the resistance material used form an ideal interplay. This allows for optimal performance with very high load resilience and stability in the ppm range with the smallest design at the same time. Our in-house precision resistance alloys ZERANIN®, MANGANIN® and NOVENTIN® provide the basis for this with the desired properties.

The advantages of our components are fully utilized in the high-temperature range, such as in engine and transmission applications.

Applications and Application Areas

For standard SMD components ISA-PLAN® and ISA-WELD®:

  • Engine control
  • Injection systems
  • Driver assistance
  • Energy management systems
  • Ignition
  • Lighting system / LED
  • Water pump
  • Gearbox
  • Closing systems
  • Control
  • Converter
  • Brake


ISA-WELD® customer-specific:

  • Battery management
  • Inverter phase current measurement


Most of our components meet the high requirements according to the automotive standard for passive components AEC-Q200 and sometimes even exceed them. All of the necessary tests and inspections are carried out in our in-house laboratory. Specific tests that deviate from the standard can also be carried out by request. 

All automotive components are tested according to strict specifications. Prior to delivery, the components are 100% tested for resistance, tolerance, geometry and pulse load.