Electromobility / Traction batteries

IVT-S Supports BMS for Lithium-Ion Traction Battery Systems

An electric drive for vehicle applications consists in principle of the following components: electrical converter, HV box / power distribution unit consisting of pre-charge circuit, fuse, protection in the negative and positive pole of the battery as well as the traction battery or mobile electric energy storage unit, including the battery management system (BMS).

High Quality of the Battery Diagnostics Parameters of the BMS due to the IVT-SERIES

The battery management system of a traction battery has two main functions. On the one hand, the active or passive balancing of the individual lithium-ion cells.

On the other hand, the calculation of the battery diagnostics parameters of the traction batteries state of charge, state of health and state of function. Determining the state of charge requires a particularly precise and high-resolution total current measurement, which is transmitted by the IVT-SERIES to the BMS via CAN bus.

The resolution in the mA range also allows for the detection of the standby currents, also referred to as leakage currents.

Highly Integrated Sensor with Additional Functionalities

Due to the additional voltage measurement, the IVT-SERIES also allows for the monitoring of the total battery voltage, the pre-charging circuit, the circuit breaker and the fuse.

The highly integrated sensors not only capture the raw data for current, voltage and temperature measurement, but also determine the power, energy and ampere-hour values on the software side as integrated values and transmit these directly to the BMS via CAN bus.

Our customers thus receive a dynamic, stable, calibrated and compact current and voltage measurement system that also offers real advantages in terms of the total system costs.

Galvanic Isolation up to 1,000 VDC Permanent

The development of higher energy densities in lithium-ion technology is leading to ever-increasing system voltages, which is why the IVT-SERIES provides a permanent galvanic isolation of 1,000 V DC.