Optimization of Precise Temperature Measurements

Thermocouples, which in particular are used in industry and medical technology, use the so-called Seebeck effect. Here two different electrical conductors (legs) are connected to form a circuit. If the connecting points of the two different conductors are at different temperature levels, this creates thermoelectric voltage. This can be converted for temperature measurement.

Our wide range of thermal alloy products includes the types N, K, J, T, E, L and U with their thermoelectric leads. In addition, we manufacture alloys for compensating cables for the types A, B, C, D, R and S.

Type K is the most commonly used thermocouple. For this type, we recommend our ISATHERM® PLUS as a positive leg and ISATHERM® MINUS as a negative leg. In addition, type N (Nicrosil-Nisil) is becoming increasingly important. Since industry demands and requirements are becoming increasingly complex, we are optimize the types up to half or one-third of the class 1 (according to IEC 60584).

Thermal Alloys at a glance

  • Alloys for thermocouples, thermoelectric leads and compensating lines
  • Temperature range from -40 °C up to +1,200°C
  • Fulfillment of all common international standards
  • With respect to the precision, tolerance values are also possible that are up to one-third of class 1 in the tolerance classes of IEC 60584 and half of the special tolerance in ASTM 230
  • Special requirements for thermal stress and dimensional tolerances or special thermal stresses, e.g. for mineral-insulated lines, can also be shown