We have many years of experience as a manufacturer of non-ferrous-based functional materials.

Optimizing our alloys and their properties is a matter of course for us. Being aware of the fact that the quality of the product results from the optimal combination of application, material and material properties results in the constant continued development of traditional alloys, such as MANGANIN® or ISOTAN® (constantan), as well as the development of innovative new materials.

You will find the optimal material in our broad portfolio for any application. Our resistance and thermal alloys are proven materials as sensors for current, voltage or temperature measurement. Long-term stable electrical and mechanical properties as well as tight tolerances are standard for our precision alloys.

Resistance alloys for use as heat conductors or signal transmission also have a high level of corrosion resistance and mechanical strength.

Our hard solders for joining technology are produced in close analytical limits in order to ensure our customers stable manufacturing processes.

The knowledge of metallurgical and physical relationships is fundamental to the quality of the chemical, mechanical and electrical properties. Our metrological expertise is an optimal supplement. With our accredited laboratory as a reference, the characteristics of resistance, heating and thermo wires are tested in the production process, whereby the compliance with tolerances is ensured.

You will find the optimal solution for your application with us.

Typical Applications

Airfoil de-icers Quick Cups
Circuit breakers Rail heating-sytems
Coiled filaments Resistors
Compensation leads Resistance thermometers
Floor heating systems Signal lines
Hard solders Seat heaters
Heating cables Strain-gauges
Heated hoses Tank container heating systems
Ignition and lighting systems Thermocouples
Level sensors Thermoelectric leads
Mineral-insulated wires  
Plug connectors