ISATHERM® MINUS, also known as ALUMEL®2) or NiAlCo, is used as negative leg of the thermocouple type K. For extension leads, ISATHERM® MINUS is used for KNX.
The standardized temperature range of the different application possibilities of ISATHERM® MINUS, is available in the tables on pages 6 and 7 in our brochure.

Form of Delivery

ISATHERM® MINUS (KN and KNX) is supplied in the form of bare wire with dimensions from 0.03 to 10 mm Ø. We supply coated wires from 0.03 to 1.5 mm Ø. For oxidized wires the available dimensions are 1 to 4 mm Ø.

ISATHERM® MINUS can also be supplied in the form of stranded wire, ribbon, flat wire and rods. Please contact us for the range of dimensions. The dimensions 0.81 (AWG 20) and 1.29 mm Ø (AWG 16) in the KPX/EPX version are usually available ex stock.

Notes on Treatment

ISATHERM® MINUS can be brazed without difficulty. All known welding methods are applicable. However, the alloy is difficult to soft-solder.

Special Remarks on the Alloy

ISATHERM® MINUS reacts corrosively at higher temperatures in the presence of sulphur. Thus the thermoelectric voltage may change dramatically as a result. This oxidation also leads to brittleness of the material.


For further information please see Data Sheets.