Pilot Plant

Our Pilot Plant allows for the production of smaller quantities

Isabellenhütte’s alloys rank among the finest in the world and are used in many areas of both electronics and electrical engineering. During production we are always committed in meeting specific customer requirements and supplying our alloys in many different forms and types.


Resistance and thermoelectric alloys are the core products of our Precision Alloys Department and the technological backbone of Isabellenhütte. As a specialist manufacturer of these alloys into the market as well as an integral supplier of semi-finished products into the process chain of our subsequent Isabellenhütte Business Units, alloy development is an important contribution for future innovations at Isabellenhütte as well as for the electrics and electronics industry in general.

Quality you can trust

Our alloys are made in order to match exact tolerances in compliance with national and international standards. The result is exceptionally high quality. According to customer needs, we can also accommodate individual requirements: soft annealed wire (bare or insulated), enameled wire, soft annealed strip material or stranded wire with a standardized or customer-specific composition and structure. You decide about the delivery form!

We have been manufacturing innovative electronic non-ferrous copper/nickel based alloys for decades. Besides copper/nickel alloys, we are also able to melt customer specific alloys and alloy compositions in our pilot plant (sample furnace). Sample quantities and batch weights between 100 g and 20 kg are possible.

We are your experienced partner for the production of even the smallest quantities for development processes, feasibility and proof of concept studies, prototype production or special applications and offer the following services:

  • Melting of sample batches up to 20 kg in atmosphere or in a vacuum
  • Casting geometry generally as ingot or bar
  • Further mechanical hot or cold processing to wire, strip material or flat wire
  • Wafering (sliced or polished and separated chips)
  • Heat treatment up to 1,100 °C in air, vacuum or inert atmosphere

Analytical Facilities

  • Characterization of the material properties (electrical, mechanical and micro-structural)
  • Extensive laboratory analytical equipment, e.g.:
    - SEM-EDX
    - ICP-OES and RFA elemental analysis
    - Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen element analysis
    - X-ray analysis