ISOTAN® is notable for its low temperature coefficient and high resistance to oxidation and chemical corrosion.

The alloy is non-magnetic. It is suitable for electrical resistors, potentiometers, heating wires, heating cables and mats. Ribbons are used for heating of bimetals. Because of its high EMF against copper it is not suitable for electrical precision resistors, therefore we recommend Manganin®, NOVENTIN® or ZERANIN®.

Due to its high thermal EMF against copper, ISOTAN® is also used for thermocouples and compensation cables (see separate data sheet). For resistance and heating applications, the maximum working temperature in air is +600 °C.

Form of Delivery

ISOTAN® is supplied in the form of round wire in the dimension 0.02 to 8.00 mm Ø in bare, oxide-insulated or enamelled condition. The range also includes flat wires (see Technical Information), stranded wires, ribbon sheets and foils.

Notes on Treatment

ISOTAN® can be worked easily. It can be soldered and brazed without difficulty. All known welding methods are applicable.


For further information see Data Sheets.