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When building customer-specific applications and designs, Isabellenhütte considers itself as your strong partner. The technical feasibility is reviewed internally and the implementation is evaluated and planned together with you based on your technical requirements for a component, whether in the field of ISA-PLAN® or ISA-WELD®.

ISA-PLAN® Resistors

Customers-specific values are often required in this area for a special application. Furthermore, the area of the resistor contacting can also be adapted to the customer requirements.

For an application, for example, SMD resistors were developed with gold contact surfaces that can be used for bonding components in applications with the highest load and temperature requirements.

ISA-WELD® Precision Resistors Made From Composite Material

In the area of customer-specific shunts (e.g. battery management shunts), we offer extensive expertise based on our long-standing experience in order to find the optimal solution for the specific requirements. With a partnership cooperation, we can develop a high-quality and individual solution together with you.

The technical punching production of resistors from composite material in particular is used for the production of customer-specific geometries and resistors. Resistors from a few µohm to up to 5 µohm can be manufactured due to this very flexible design of the composite material. These resistors can be adapted to any shape within the technical production limits in the punching and bending process.

The requirements for a contact form tailored to the customers can also be taken into consideration here. If the customer requires a PPAP, including qualification according to AEC-Q200, we can also offer this according to the actual expense involved.

A very wide range of resistors can be developed and manufactured by using different resistor alloys such as ZERANIN®, MANGANIN®, ISAOHM® and the resistance alloy NOVENTIN® recently developed by Isabellenhütte.

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