Technology Leadership

As an internationally recognized specialist and technology leader, we develop solutions for the markets of today and tomorrow. Constantly striving for innovation, for the decisive idea, for the ideal solution - that's what ensures our technological advantage and thus that of our customers.

As a global technology leader, we also orient ourselves towards the requirements of our customers. Their challenges are the basis of our innovations. In this way, we create cross-market solutions from individual customer wishes and a unique connection between technology and innovation leadership.

What makes us the technology leader in the fields of precision alloys, precision measurement and precision and power resistors?

  • Our technology leadership is created by the unique sum of work processes, from the original melt to the finished product.
  • Due to our global presence and availability of our products in over 60 countries with 3 subsidiaries and over 60 representatives and distributors, we have created a global network for maintaining our technological leadership.
  • Our decisive criterion for success is the constant development of new types of technologies, products and production processes, which ranges from alloy production to forming technology, wet chemical processes and assembly technology to the complex testing and packaging machines
  • Our high technical consulting expertise
  • Long-term application experience with customized solutions
  • A variety of patent applications
  • A high level of flexibility

What does innovation mean to us and how do we implement it?

Innovation is the result of our technological leadership.

  • For us, innovation means repeatedly defining the state of the art through continuous product development and establishing this as the market standard for the coming decades.
  • We look back on many successful innovations in our 500 years of tradition.
  • Through cooperation with recognized scientists and institutions, who also ensure innovation.
  • Innovation is no longer just created in the R&D department, but is also created in the basic attitude of every employee.
  • Through the continuous development of new products across all sectors.
  • Due to our high level of expert knowledge
  • Due to our many years of experience