ISOTAN® Thermo

ISOTAN®, is used as negative leg of thermocouple types J and L as well as T, U and E. In the version for extension leads, ISOTAN® is used for JNX, LNX as well as TNX, UNX and ENX.

ISOTAN® is also used as compensating lead in type KNCB as well as negative leg for compensating lead type W5Re/W26Re. The standardized temperature range of the different application possibilities of ISOTAN®, is available in the tables of the glossary.

We supply various qualities of ISOTAN®, which are suited for different applications or standards.

Form of Delivery

ISOTAN® is supplied in the form of wires with dimensions from 0.03 to 10.00 mm Ø in bare condition. Enamelled wires are available in dimensions between 0.05 and 1.50 mm Ø. ISOTAN® can also be supplied in form of stranded wire, ribbon, flat wire and rods. Please contact us for the range of dimensions.

Notes on Treatment

ISOTAN® is easy to process. The alloy can be soldered and brazed without difficulty. All known welding methods are applicable.


For further information please see Data Sheets.