DC-energy meter

The optimum measurement system for the charging infrastructure. Adaptable to individual requirements and precise in every case.
The DC measuring devices from Isabellenhütte provide reliable measured values, compliant with German measurement and calibration law.


More power, more precision, more convenience.
The second generation meter, the IEM, covers a wide range of applications in the charging infrastructure: DC wallboxes, high-power chargers, megawatt charging systems and intelligent metering points are just some of the possible areas of application.

  • Creation and internal storage of charging transactions in standardized OCMF format 
  • MID certification, certification in accordance with the German measurement and verification law, LNE, UL certification 
  • Compensation options: 4-wire measurement, parametric compensation
  • ...

With four different configuration options, the IEM can be individually adapted to any requirement.


The first generation of DC meters from Isabellenhütte. Ideal for public charging infrastructure for up to 500 kW.
With signed data values and the EDL 40 and 40++ meter modes, the basis for billing in public charging stations is guaranteed. The compact design with shunt-based measurement offers simultaneous tamper detection and corresponds to accuracy class A (EN 50470) or class B (EN 50470) according to the Physialisch-Technische Bundesanstalt.