Our international orientation

From Dillenburg into the world: over time, we have developed into an international high-tech company due to our expertise, power of innovation and the exceptionally high quality of our products.

We are now a reliable partner of countless renowned companies around the globe and more than 60% of our products are exported around the world.

Sales and distribution are supported by representatives in Germany and subsidiaries and representatives in all major industrialized countries. Due to this global network with over 60 representatives and distributors as well as 3 subsidiaries, our customers can contact the appropriate contact partner directly on site.

Our Subsidiaries

In addition to its different representatives and distributors, Isabellenhütte also has three subsidiaries in China, the US and Japan. We would like to briefly introduce them to you on this page.

Isabellenhütte USA

In 2010, ISOTEK, a long-standing trading partner and distributor of Isabellenhütte, was taken over as the first subsidiary of Isabellenhütte in the US.

This was renamed as Isabellenhütte USA in 2017 as part of a rebranding campaign. The takeover offered the opportunity to provide comprehensive technical support to end customers. The portfolio is uniquely complemented by the product areas that Isabellenhütte USA continues to offer as a representative.

In over 25 years, Isabellenhütte USA has developed into a leading supplier of current measurement and high-performance resistors as well as precision alloys. A good reputation was earned through high-quality products, thorough technical advice and competent customer support. In addition, Isabellenhütte USA also sells commercial goods (RARA).

Isabellenhütte Kabushi Kaisha

In the year 2012, Isabellenhütte opened its subsidiary Isabellenhütte K.K. in Japan. With its headquarters in Nihonbashi, one of Tokyo's oldest business areas, the company also organizes not only the sale and distribution of component and measurement technology products, but also the sale and distribution of products from three other trading partners and other major Japanese companies.

Isabellenhütte (Shanghai) Electronic Technology Trading Co., Ltd.

Isabellenhütte opened its third subsidiary in 2013 headquartered in Shanghai, which is responsible for China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia.

IH Shanghai organizes the sale and distribution of components and measurement technology products and helps existing representatives in the implementation of a more intensive cooperation.

In addition, it helps Isabellenhütte manage existing distribution channels, set up new distribution channels and take care of the establishment and expansion of additional contacts with global key accounts in China.