The new IVT 3 Series offers the highest flexibility in our portfolio

The IVT 3 Series is a compact high precision current measurement device, which is built on a platform concept where functional components can be added to adapt to many different use cases. The sensor has been developed according to functional safety (ISO 26262:2018 - Road vehicles – Functional safety) and comes in two possible housings. The IVT 3 Pro has three or six channels for voltage measurement and will support insulation resistance monitoring. 


The IVT 3 Series can be used for a wide range of DC applications, like:

  • Hybrid and full electric vehicle drives
  • Stationary energy storage systems
  • Uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems
  • Battery and storage based applications
  • Industrial applications
  • Fuel Cells

The IVT 3 series

The IVT 3 Base provides a nominal current measurement up to 1000 A with safety classification ASIL C. The accuracy over lifetime is 0.4 % in an operating temperature from -40 °C up to 125 °C. It also includes protection class IP 40, temperature measurement and the possibility of firmware update via UDS protocol by OBD. Optional CAN addresses as well as customized bitrate and output rates can be set by request. In addition the IVT 3 Base comes with and without termination.

IVT 3 Pro

The IVT 3 Pro offers the full range of hardware. In a slightly larger housing, it includes all properties of IVT 3 Base as well as space for up to six voltage channels with safety classification ASIL B.

Furthermore the IVT 3 Pro variants run on supply voltage of 12 V or 24 V. In addition a sleep mode is provided by request. 

Technical data

Head of Sales EU / Key-Account Manager

Yannick Konrad