Frequency Converters and Inverters

IPC-SERIES: Delta-Sigma Modulation in Combination with Shunt

The use of the ISAscale® solutions in modern converter technology is a real innovation in application areas, such as frequency converters and inverters, large electric machine drives, wind power and central inverters for PV free-standing systems.

The phase current sensors of the IPC-SERIES can be used for the input and output-side current measurement in frequency converters and inverters.

Integration of the Delta-Sigma Modulator Data Flow as a Differentiation Feature

As an interface, the customers receive a calibrated and digitalized 1-bit data stream, which includes the measurement information. Regardless of whether as a TTL or differential signal to control the IGBT modules or to identify the overcurrents – the data stream must be transformed via a decimation filter/sinc filter.

Depending on the project requirements, customers use Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) to optimize between sinc arrangement, over sampling rate (OSR) and resolution and thus differentiate themselves from the competition.

Higher Interference Insensitivity of the Current Measurement Signal

Since the measurement modules of the IPC-SERIES are calibrated over the temperature range in the production process, users receive a temperature-independent accuracy with a particularly low offset. With the 20 MHz signal sampling rate, a bandwidth of up to 400 kHz can be achieved depending on the decimation filtering.

The IPC-SERIES offers two options with respect to the galvanic isolation: The permanent isolation of the communication up to 1.5 kV is provided by the delta-sigma modulator module. With respect to the supply voltage, there is the option of permanently galvanically isolating up to 1.5 kV via a DC/DC inverter integrated in the sensor or of actuating the sensor via an additional plug connection with isolated control voltage.