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For the first time at Schweißen & Schneiden 2017

Other field of application

The ISA-BRAZE® solders are suitable for gap soldering, braze soldering and surfacing by soldering. For example, they can be used to combine components with each other for energy technology, electrical engineering and electronics where a good current flow must be ensured when transitioning from one part to another. In the tool industry, these solders can be used to attach blades or other functional elements made of hard metal to carrier materials. These solders can also be used to reliably produce highly stressed components from the aforementioned materials for engine technology, heating and cooling technology, industrial fittings and pipeline systems or for vehicle construction.

High-temperature solder ISA-BRAZE®

ISA-BRAZE® is an alternative in joining and connection technology. It is significantly "lower spatter" compared to standard wires with arc applications and is ideal for flux-free applications using inert gas. It can also be used as a functional material for coatings since it is suitable for gap soldering, braze soldering and surfacing by soldering. In the three available versions of ISA-BRAZE®970, ISA-BRAZE®970 Si and ISA-BRAZE®980, the digits refer to the solidus temperature in °C, which identifies the temperature, below which the alloy is completely in the solid phase.

Advantages of the vacuum procedure

Due to the production in the vacuum furnace, the ISA-BRAZE® alloys have an extremely high degree of purity of  ≤ 0.15w%. This forms the basis for the best physical and chemical properties, since gas and non-metallic inclusions are minimal, for example. The alloys are thus extremely corrosion and oxidation resistant. The thermal conductivity, the electrical conductivity, the specific electric resistance, the thermal stress and the temperature coefficient are positively influenced by the high degree of purity of the alloys. Very homogeneous and clean soldering joints or coatings are created by the vacuum procedure.

Delivery forms

ISA-BRAZE® high-temperature solders are delivered in the form of wires and rods in the dimensional range from 0.5 to 3.0 mm Ø and are also available in the form of rings, punched parts and bent parts, flat wires and strips. Customer-specific designs are also available.

First presentation of ISA-BRAZE® at Schweißen & Schneiden 2017

Over 1,000 exhibitors from 40 countries will be at the international specialized trade fair Schweißen & Schneiden 2017 in Düsseldorf (host: Trade Fair Essen). Isabellenhütte Heusler will also be represented this year for the first time as an exhibitor in order to present the new ISA-BRAZE® alloys to the specialized audience.


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Electromobility – Fraunhofer IISB and Isabellenhütte

IVT-S measures current in the Fraunhofer development platform foxBMS

The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology (IISB), Erlangen, is using Isabellenhütte’s shunt-based management system IVT-S for precision current measurement in battery management systems in its foxBMS development platform.

The Isabellenhütte IVT series offers precise, temperature-compensated current and voltage measurement in a single component. Isabellenhütte's IVT systems are mainly used in the rapidly growing market for lithium-ion traction batteries and can be found in electric cars, electric trucks, electric buses and electric aircraft as well as in materials handling.

Fraunhofer IISB foxBMS – a gateway for researchers and developers

foxBMS is a research and development platform for battery management systems, which was developed by the Fraunhofer IISB based in Erlangen. foxBMS is an open-source platform, meaning that any companies or research institutes are free to use it to develop or test their own products – such as electric vehicles or applications with similar requirements.

Integrated system for precision measurements: IVT-S in the foxBMS

Fraunhofer IISB uses Isabellenhütte's IVT-S measurement system to achieve high-precision current measurements in the foxBMS platform. “We opted for the IVT-S from Isabellenhütte because this current sensor offers precision current measurement in combination with coulomb counting to determine state of charge in automotive battery systems up to 1,000 V,” explains Dr.-Ing. Vincent Lorentz, Group Manager Battery Systems at Fraunhofer IISB.

The IVT-S from Isabellenhütte has a galvanically isolated CAN interface. The integrated, three-channel HV sensor measures the voltage of the battery and monitors high-voltage protection and fuses.

The IVT-S is often used in the power distribution unit, the battery junction box or the HV box. This area is isolated from the battery cells and the BMS and often contains the circuit breaker on the plus/minus side of the battery and the pre-charging circuit required for traction batteries. The sensor is placed in the battery's minus pole, as the current measurement always takes place in relation to the voltage of the shunt ground. This enables the overall battery voltage to be monitored. In addition, voltage measurement can also be used to monitor the pre-charging circuit or the circuit breaker.

The IVT-S's integrated CAN bus interface ensures a reliable flow of data between the IVT-S and foxBMS. Due to the high level of precision and resolution in the mA range, the IVT-S also detects standby current and enables the foxBMS to record extremely precise information on the SoC (state of charge), SoH (state of health) and SoF (state of function) parameters of the overall battery system.

Besides raw data for current and voltage measurement, the BMS can also provide temperature, output and energy values through the CAN bus interface. The IVT-S also offers an ampere-hour meter for charging and discharging currents. The robust high-voltage box protects the IVT-S system from environmental stresses.

State-of-the-art measurement system

With 1 kV of permanent isolation voltage and a maximum peak voltage of 6 kV, Isabellenhütte is responding to the higher voltage ranges only made possible by lithium-ion technology. The IVT-S is a standard product now available in a dynamic market, offering state-of-the-art technology and meeting countless application-specific requirements.


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